FOR Shemha Health

Shemha Health is a Health Tech start-up company established in 2021 with main slogan:

Health is Wealth for the body and the soul

The aspiration, technological connectivity and development of the company are interlinked with improving the quality of life of people with cancer through methodologies and toward precise diagnostic, and treatment approaches.

In the new digital-Health universe, the entrepreneurial team of Shemha Health strives to be at the heart of every cancer patient unmet need and to support the digital doctor of tomorrow.

Social responsibility of Shemha Health is to support the provision of precise clinical advices to the cancer patients and their loved ones. With willingness to follow the predictability of multidisciplinary approaches for diagnostic, treatment, and follow-up in oncology care, we co-create and build on open-humane solution PrOPA™ (Precision Oncology Patient Advice), using the opportunities by the state-of-the-art digital technologies.

The key for everything that happens around the Shemha Health development is, the collaboration between the entrepreneurs and the health care providers, which in creative conciliarity, sharing imagination and energy.

About our PROJECT

PrOPA™ by Shemha Health®Precision Oncology Patient Advice│ is an innovative telemedical multidisciplinary solution in Oncology, designed for patients and their relatives to support continuous and closed pathway in the process of diagnostic, treatment, and follow-up of their oncology disease.

Through the
project we

Facilitated access to precise and personalized oncology advice and care provided by some of the best medical experts in the field.


Supporting the interaction between the expert doctor and the patient, through convenient models of communication and facilitated connection with personal multidisciplinary team of physicians.


Timely personal advice and guidance for next steps.


Confidence, calms and satisfaction for patients and their families through diagnostic and treatment recommendations and guidelines from leading experts around oncology care.


Optimization of the laboratory and diagnostic pathway for required tests and exams, the physical visits to medical institutions, the waiting time, and additional costs.


Ethical attitude from our team through personal access to your personal profile, ensured with a high level of security and a guarantee of confidentiality of each patient’s personal data and profile.


At the beginning of our story, as active participants in the digital healthcare convergence, we hope that the exchange of knowledge and ideas between entrepreneurs, start-ups and end-users can further develop and improve the PrOPA™ project.



The co-founders of Shemha Health are an entrepreneurial palette of physicians with proven expertise in the oncology care, an individual undergoing cancer treatment and follow-up, and experts with experience in healthcare, health innovation and their open-ecosystem connectivity.

Blago Mitra

He gets up early dawn, looks at the stars and invents the names of his fantasies. The terms like “methodology” and “evidence-based medicine” do not come out of his mouth and mind.

Hema Valla

Valla has long been involved in building centers of excellence. But more she prefers to watch how the children of her friends’ grow up and the tulips on her balcony.

Anna Gemin

Organizes various events in her spare time. Otherwise, she secretly examines her own body and banishes the demon of cancer from it forever. Shemha Health considers her for their own island hero.

Abin Gemin

Is a fanatical digital re-constructor, convinced at the future church of ecosystems, where patients and doctors will coexist in blissful harmony. In addition to the Shemha Health, he occasionally resides on other islands in the Aegean Sea.

Radi Rossa

Rossa is a child of the next digital generation. She constantly provokes taste, style and ethics in the clinical oncology. People like her will inherit the island kingdom.

Sharing our personal story, for people with cancer there is not a day to lose.

Technological PARTNERSHIP

Our News

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As of April 21, 2023 at 1:25 p.m., Shemha Health launched its unique telemedicine product PrOPA by Shemha Health (Precision Oncology Patient Advice) on the…