Cооkies Policy  

1. What are Cookies?  

In order to operate properly as well as to meet its visitors needs and preferences, our Website (https://www.shemhahelth.com/) needs certain information concerning its visitors. Installation of  Cookies gives us the opportunity to collect the necessary information.  

Cookies are small pieces of text, which are stored on your computer, mobile or other device when you  visit our Website. As a general rule, we are unable to identify our visitors only on the grounds of the  information collected through cookies’ usage. In the event that the identification is possible, we shall  inform you in advance and we shall collect the respective information about you only if you express  your explicit consent.  

2. What types of Cookies SHEMHA HEALTH LTD use on our Website? What is their designation?  

2.1. For the purposes of the proper operation of our Website, for improvement of its performance as  well as in order to enhance the online experience of its visitors, we use session and temporary cookies,  first-party and third-party cookies.  

Session cookies are a type of cookies which are stored on the customer’s device once our Website is  visited. They are automatically deleted when the web browser is closed.  

Persistent cookies are a type of cookies which are stored on the customer’s device once our Website  is visited for a definite extended period of time.  

First-party cookies are a type of cookies which are installed and managed by “Shemha Health” mainly  for the purposes of the provided by our Website services. Currently the mentioned type of cookies is  not installed on our Website.  

Third-part cookies are a type of cookies which are installed and managed by third parties mainly for  the purposes of marketing and advertising of “Shemha health” activity and services as well as for the  purposes of preparation of analyses concerning visitors’ attendance and behavior on our Website. 

2.2. Particularly, we use the following types of cookies:  

Strictly necessary cookies  

This type of cookies is necessary for the purposes of the proper operation of our Website. Without  them you won’t be able to run through our Website as well as to take advantage of its functions and  provided services. 

Advertising cookies, including third-party cookies 

  • Google Ads Conversion, Google Inc., For more information;  
  • LinkedIn Ads, LinkedIn Corporation, For more information;  
  • Google Dynamic Remarketing, Google Inc., For more information;  
  • Facebook Pixel, Facebook Inc., For more information; 

This type of cookies allows us to customize our products and services provided online in accordance  with your preferences. As a result of their installation you shall see advertisements of “Shemha Health”  products and services, which are considered interesting for you, either on our Website or on other  websites.  

Behavioral cookies, including third-party cookies (tracking technologies)  

  • Yandex.Metrics, Yandex, For more information;  
  • MyFonts Counter, MyFonts Inc., For more information;  
  • Sales Manago, BenHauer LTD., For more information;  
  • LinkedIn Analytics, LinkedIn Corporation, For more information;  
  • GA Audiences, Google Inc., For more information;  
  • Google Tag Manager, Google Inc., For more information;  
  • Facebook Analytics, Facebook Inc., For more information. 

Behavioral cookies are especially important for us in order to find out how you interact with our  Website, which pages you frequently visit as well as which advertisements you look at. This type of  cookies collects information for statistical purposes which in most cases is not related to particular  visitor.  

We use these cookies in order to:  

  • Collect information about the way you use our Website;  
  • Measure the effectiveness of our advertisements;
  • Enhance customer’s experience on our Website.  

Cookies for preferences  

Cookies for preferences collect information about your preferences by allowing our Website to reserve  your activities and preferences (such as used language, font size and other customized settings) for a  definite period of time in order to make it unnecessary to customize them each time you visit our  Website or each time when you move from one page to another. Our advice is not to turn off these  cookies since in such case you may lose the advantages of all customized settings, made within the  usage of our Website.  

3. Your choices – how you can control cookies  

When you visit our Website, you shall have access to informative text (“cookie banner”), which  provides you the following options: 

  • To express your consent for the installation of cookies (by click on the “I agree” button);
  • To receive further information about the used cookies (by redirecting you to the current  Cookies policy).  

In the event that you are willing to accept all cookies installed on our Website (including third-party  cookies), you have to click on “I agree” button.  

If you want to customize the used cookies, you can do this by the settings of your browser and/ or by  the settings of your device.  

We would like to inform you that you have the right to withdraw the previously given consent (in cases  in which we have needed it) at any time.  

The present Cookies policy of “Shemha Health” ltd. is passed by the company’s General Manager and  is effective as of 30.06.2022.