Start of the PrOPA platfrom

As of April 21, 2023 at 1:25 p.m., Shemha Health launched its unique telemedicine product PrOPA by Shemha Health (Precision Oncology Patient Advice) on the global web:

PrOPA (*Precision Oncology Patient Advice) by Shemha Health is a large-scale Health Tech solution designed to advise and guide cancer patients end-to-end – through all diagnostic, treatment and psychosocial steps of their suffering using the synchronization through togetherness between the technology and stakeholders (patients and physicians).

The platform as virtual comprehensive cancer center has no analogues among other medical consultation applications. It is organized as a digital multidisciplinary tumor board. In PrOPA, a collegium of selected HCP’s top specialists (experts from all areas of clinical oncology) consult, discuss and formulate specific guidelines for diagnosis, treatment, and dispensary/follow-up monitoring.

The virtual journey of each registered patient’s begins with the creation of initial individual EHR or up-to-date medical records and is guided step-by-step by an authoritative lead consultant. Access to each expert and their specialty can be synchronized by day and time via built-in booking calendars. At every stage, the platform allows the requested medical visits to take place both live and as video visits.

PrOPA is an innovative approach for comprehensive, continuous, and precise oncological care according to the most specific characteristics of each patient and each tumor. In practice, it is a comprehensive cancer center organized entirely on the principles of hybridization between synchronized and asynchronized tele-oncology using supportive deep-tech instruments and the highest standards of effectiveness according to evidence-based medicine.

In the conditions of the medicine in MIC’s, PrOPA is currently the only radical solution for clinical coordination and synergism between expert oncologists, insurmountably separated by geographical, institutional, and financial circumstances. The platform is also the only compensation for all organizational and ethical disappointments, which is why the patients seek foreign oncology.

Any cancer patient, their family members or their loved ones can now register in PrOPA to be calm and confident in every step of the disease – end to end.

Development and implementation of the PrOPA

Development and implementation of the PrOPA

From the beginning of 2021, the efforts of the Shemha Health team are aimed at developing and implementing a project that is unique even for Bulgaria. The idea for such an open technologically connected environment is the result of factors driving our mission and inspiring us with the following motives:

  • The need for synergy and connectivity in working, sharing, and making a complex medical decision within the individual patient journey.
  • The challenge in front of the oncology patients for easy access to individualized diagnostic and treatment path-а-way.

COVID-19 and the induced mental strain have shown that, within the framework of socio-ethically and the clinically-acceptably, clinical examinations, diagnostic and a personal approach can be carried out without a physical exam, only with the help of technological convergence in the healthcare. From one side, the restrictions imposed by the pandemic proved to be an obstacle to timely diagnosis and treatment, worsening the quality of life and the social activity of the individuals. From the other one, however, in any oncology diseases, delay and postponement in time of any single step on the way to achieve maximum effectiveness and outcome are inadmissible.

Because of these reasons, the goal behind the project development by Shemha Health team is to provide timely and personalized connectivity for patients and doctors.